Minds vs. Machines: How far are we from the common sense of a toddler?

CVPR 2020 Workshop, June 15, Seattle, WA (held virtually)

Cognitive Insights for Models of Visual Recognition

Aude Oliva

Abstract: This talk will cover examples of how knowledge of human perception and cognition can be leveraged to develop deep neural network systems of visual recognition.

Speaker bio: Aude Oliva is a principal research scientist at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT. She is the MIT director of the MIT–IBM Watson AI Lab and co-director of the MIT Quest for Intelligence, an MIT-wide initiative which seeks to discover the foundations of human and machine intelligence and deliver transformative new knowledge to humankind. She has received an NSF Career Award, a Guggenheim fellowship and a Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship. Her research is cross-disciplinary, spanning human perception and cognition, computer vision and cognitive neuroscience. She earned a MS and PhD in cognitive science from the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France.

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